Nutritional Information:-

High Protein 32 gm (Protein Hydrolysate 56g) with essential Vitamins & Minerals

Box Pack:-

400 gm.

Optimal Protein Nutrition –

                  for every member, at every stage of life

A balanced combination of all the right nutrient that provide solution for the body’s wear & fear.

Protein – Prevents wasting of tissues & muscles

Iron – Key in prevention of Anaemia

Vitamin B – Enhances energy utilisation

Vitamins A, C & E – Help in healing of wounds & build immunity

Calcium – Maintains bone strength


Complete Nourishment & Strength

  • Fortified with the right amounts of carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins & zero trans-fats.
  • Regular consumption of HDR PLUS helps build your stamina & promotes immunity.
  • This helps in the growth & repair of muscles, tissues & organs
  • It helps to heal wounds faster & to aides in quicker recovery from illnesses.
  • HDR PLUS also supports the development of a very active metabolism, & is essential for maintaining cardiovascular health.

Benefits of HDR PLUS:

  • Hydrolyzed Protein (Suitable For Easy Digestion)
  • Low In Fat Content & 100 % Vegetarian Source
  • Facilitates Easy Digestion & Improves Absorption
  • Helps In Maintaining A Lean Body Mass
  • Reduces Chances Of Diarrhea
  • Maintains Gut Integrity

High Protein 32 gm

(Protein Hydrolysate 56g)

In Delicious Chocolate Flavor

In 400 gm Tin Pack