Composition :-

Daruhaldi A.B 2.00%

Rodari kAPILo a.b 2.00

Pashanbhed A.B 3.00%

Manjistha A.B 3.00

Khurasani Ajwain A.B 2.00

Aloevera A.B 2.00

Kokam A.B. 4.00

Net Wt.:- 25 g.%


All day hydration with just one application

Solcrack cream is a herbal formulation foot cream beneficial
in soothing cracked heels, peeling feet, dry feet, dry skin on
feet & dry cracked feet.

Mechanism of Action of Cream

• Hydrates and soothes skin using deep penetration action
• Easy to apply topical application skin cream
• Helps repair chapped & dry skin on feet
• Moisturising cream that can used on rough hands & chilblains


  • Cracked Heels
  • Crusty Feet
  • Dry Feet
  • Peeling Feet

Solcrack – Cracked Sole Repair Cream


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