The Manufacturing site has sq.ft. State of the art modern manufacturing unit having Own R&D and Quality Assurance Department to maintain highest product Quality. Manufacturing Area consists of separate areas for Manufacturing Room, Filling, Packing room, quality assurance laboratories, control sample rooms, stores, utilities, Administration block, & other utilities.

Dewcare Concept Privet Limited has devoted tremendous amount of time and resources to its quality assurance and quality control procedure for the products we manufacture


Dewcare Concept Privet Limited can help you to design your brand label, tailor match your product samples, create your product line and manufacture for retail sales.


Private label products are typically manufactured by one company to offer under another company’s brand. Dewcare Concept Privet Limited has an extensive line for hair care, skin care and cosmetic products available for private label.

Brand Your Product

Our branding team produce beautiful packaging that sets your product apart from the competition. Whether it’s using your existing logo and writing, or creating a new brand from scratch. We’ll work with you to get the perfect result.​


We are private label cosmetic manufacturing company. Our manufacturing unit offers highly flexible and versatile products​

Commercial delivery

Quality Product

We understand that quality is critical to every one of our customers and their end-users. Quality protect your brand and our reputation. Therefore, all of our operations are governed by & quality is insert in the work& values of our company.

Packaging Solution

As a full service company we create, formulate and manufacture hair care products. We also know that, when it comes to packaging hair care products, every single details counts


INDIVIDUAL CONSULTING : Advising in all relevant matters, concept development – packaging design.

PRODUCT FORMULATION & DEVELOPMENT :We are providing custom product formulas and ready-made formulas, which has been extensively researched and developed according to the market requirements .

MANUFACTURING : All products are manufactured in accordance with good manufacturing practice (GMP). We follow the recommendations of the FDA and our facilities are set up in accordance with CTFA / ESMA Quality assurance guidelines. These guidelines enable us to guarantee the consistency and quality of our products from batch to batch. We perform temperature and stability tests on all new formulations and we never test our products on animals.

PACKAGING & GRAPHIC DESIGNS : One of the most important elements in the marketability of your product is visual appeal of the packaging. The unique packaging and graphics that appear on the product are vital too.



The wide range of toiletries right from shampoos, soaps, conditioners to moisturizers are not just products but anenriching beautifying experience that the hotels  and other hospitality partners

Institutional Corporate Gift

Festive and Anniversary Gifting is an important way to stay engaged & drive a strong relationship with your clients, vendors & partners. More & more institutions, government bodies are shifting

E-commerce & Teleshop

India has over the years proved to be the most resourceful nation in terms to ancient medical sciences known as Ayurveda. There is a dearth of demand across the globe for authentic Ayurvedic, Cosmetic and personal care products…